Adidas Crossfit shoes 

If you are looking for a perfect engineering CrossFit shoe for workout, you will never get any good company than Adidas. This German Shoe Company is giving the best quality Crossfit to the users from a long time while the company has achieved name and from 60 years.  The features and colors of the Adidas Crossfit shoes are the best for the men and women.

If you are looking for any sports and fitness Crossfit shoes, Adidas is a cool company giving the superior design, colors and technology. Moreover, the durability of the Crossfit shoes does not need to mention to you if you have already used the Adidas Crossfit shoes. The heel to toe feature with light weight is the common feature to all Adidas Crossfit shoes of the world.

ADIDAS Powerlift 2 Adult Weightlifting Shoe

ADIDAS Powerlift 2 Adult Weightlifting Shoe is a good and colorful model of Crossfit shoe of the Adidas Company. This red, black and white color combination is a great look to your foot with long durability. In fact, the white color Adidas permanent design over the black color shoe looks amazing to men.

The textile Crossfit shoe with the stability and solid performance will give you a good support for workout and weight lifting purposes. However, the comfortable textile lining will give you a good strap with the design and leather upper smoothness. Moreover, the lockdown support with high density midsole allows the user to have good time wearing this Crossfit. Moreover, the heel to toe drop is amazingly designed with black and red color combination.


  1. Perfect Design with Black, Red and White Color
  2. Good Textile with Leather Upper Smoothness
  3. Perfect Heel to Toe Drop for Pain Free Crossfit Shoe

Adidas Men’s Crossflex Golf Shoe

You will surely forget about the amazing design and sole when you will wear the Adidas Men’s Crossflex Golf Shoe for workout or any other purposes. The design is just stunning with black with slime, blue with black, and black with red color for the users. Especially the man made sole is just stunning the Crossfit shoe because of the solid performance. You will have the perfect heel to toe and protective shoe because of the design.

The mesh upper with the comfortable breathability to foot is available for ensuring odor risk free to the users. Moreover, the synthetic with fabric combination makes the Crossfit more comfortable and soft to wear and have a great time in the workout field or gym. However, the EVA outsole with cushioning has given the shoe light weight with proper stitching engineering material. On the other hand, the zonal tractions and good pods make this Crossfit more stable and flexible to wear.


  1. Completely Stunning Design with Shining Colors
  2. Manmade Sole, Fabric & Synthetic As Material
  3. EVA Outsole for Light Weight
  4. Stitching and TPU Toe For durability

ADIDAS adipower Unisex Weightlifting Boots

ADIDAS adipower Unisex Weightlifting Boots is another Crossfit model of the Adidas Company for the weight lift loving men. However, the color is good and stabile for any ages of man because of full red color with White color Adidas logo. Moreover, this Crossfit model is available only one color for the workout men.

The heel to toe drop height is also in red color that makes it more colorful and eye touching of red color. However, the breathable shoe is very strong and stable foundation for have good performance in the exercise field. On the other hand, this stable Crossfit shoe is also offers light weight with the strong structure for the men with proper engineering features. PU coated leather has increases the durability with the Vent Flow outsole to have a good air mesh.


  1. PU Coated Leather with Textile
  2. Highly Breathable Crossfit Shoe
  3. Strong Structure Chassis Shoe
  4. Vent Flow Outsole with Supportive Structure

ADIDAS Power Perfect II Weightlifting Boots

ADIDAS Power Perfect II Weightlifting Boots has something for men because of the design, proper heel with slip resistant technology. The full white color body with Black color Adidas logo and Red color heel to toe drop feature gives the proper coloring feature to the Crossfit shoe.

By wearing the Crossfit shoe, you will able to move quickly and comfortably. Moreover, the performance level of the shoe is very serious for men with the light weight feature to them. On the other hand, the polymer density is very high in order to give you the best support in the weight lifting time. The instep strap single strap provides good integrity to this Crossfit shoe with heel support. However, the full length outsole with the adiWEAR ensures the durability and has good engineered designs.


  1. Light Weighted Crossfit Shoe
  2. Perfect Red, Black and White Color Weight Lifting Shoe
  3. Rear Integrity with Perfect Engineered Design
  4. AdiWEAR Outsole with Superb Support to Ground

ADIDAS Powerlift 2 Adult Weightlifting Shoe

ADIDAS Powerlift 2 Adult Weightlifting Shoe is a perfect model of Crossfit both for workout person as well as sports person. In fact, the design and color will give you a stunning outlook in the sports field with good performance. The blue color body with Red color Adidas logo and white color lining and heel to toe drop position is just a perfect design for any man.

The weightlifting Crossfit shoe with the stability and durability ensures the performance to the sports field and workout gym too. Moreover, the basement of the Crossfit shoes is very solid with the midsole with high density. Moreover, the light weight shoe supports well to the sportsmen as well as give comfort with the textile lining design. The die cut midsole with the proper shape enhance your running and workout speed too!


  1. Perfect Design for Workout & Sports Field
  2. Textile Lining for Comfort
  3. Mesh with Leather Upper for Smoothness
  4. High Density Midsole
  5. Light Weight With Stability Because of Good Engineered Design

Adidas Men’s Powerlift Trainer Cross Training Shoe

Adidas Men’s Powerlift Trainer Cross Training Shoe is a perfect shoe for workout, sports field as well as normal usage purposes because of the color and design of this. Moreover, you can wear the Crossfit if you want to use this for running or normal walking purpose too! However, the light onyx color with metallic silver and black combination looks a professional look to your foot.

Again, the Adidas comes with the most comfortable rubber sole with genuine leather for the workout men. However, the Crossfit stands with the excellence features in all portions of the shoe. The new generations will love the shoe because of the design and heel to toe drop to ensure the protective power of the shoe. On the other hand, the outsole and midsole is shaped properly in order to give you a perfect Crossfit to wear to remain pain and bone fracture less.


  1. Suitable Design and Color for Men
  2. Excellent Crossfit For Comfortable & Stability
  3. Rubber Sole and Midsole For Comfort & Good Sole

These are the best Adidas Crossfit shoes that will give your proper design, colors and durability in order to keep you far from any type of pain. Moreover, your foot will free from any type of misconduct of bones and knees because of the heel to toe drop and other features of the Crossfit shoes.