Silver-Back Safaris started in 2003 to take people from around the world to see mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have taken over 1,000 clients on safaris. As we grew, our safari diversified and we introduced other safari packages such as mountaineering, game and scenery viewing, white water rafting and others.

We have hosted clients from around the world such as Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Kenya and Tanzania among others.

Silver-Back Safaris provide free camping grounds in a green suburb of Fort Portal town. The grounds are at Boma, a fifteen minute walk from town. Fort Portal, located 317km from Kampala, is centrally located with easy access to wildlife hotspots such as Queen Elizabeth, Mt. Rwenzori, Kibale and Semuliki National Parks. Please come with your camping gear including tents. Hot showers and meals are available at nearby hotels (three minutes walk) such as Mountains of the Moon Hotel and Rwenzori Guest House 


Core Values
Integrity, maximum client satisfaction, quality and  environmental protection

Our culture
Silver-Back Safari’s culture is to offer our customers timely, highly efficient and personalized services to meet their unique needs

Our Motto

Come as a client, leave as an ambassador.

Product portfolio

• Safaris to national parks and cultural sites
• Honeymoon retreats
• Adventure trips such as white water rafting and bungee jumping
• Car Hire and Air port-Hotel transfers
• Reservations for accommodation, gorilla/chimpanzee permits
• Visa arrangements
• Study Abroad trips

Competitive Advantage

• Service excellence through technical expertise and continuous knowledge upgrade.

Personal touch
• Dedicated team of well-trained and experienced professionals.
• Environmental protection
• Community support

Join Silver-Back Safaris on a tour of a lifetime. Sample our devoted service and be our Ambassador.

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